Accessories SMBU: StagePump

In 2007 we developed an external pump, also called StagePump to our SMBU. Unit.

The pump is used in high-rise buildings, due to pumps on the SMBU. Unit only are capable of pumping up to about 30 floors, depending on the height between floors. The StagePump has reduced costs significantly in in high-rise buildings, because now you can complete all the floors in the towers, from street level through this StagePump.

Here is the first version of the Stage Pump located up on the 20th floor of the building, with wireless connection down to our SMBU. Unit, and the SMBU. Unit with and antenna directional up to StagePump on the 20th floor.​

And here the view from the window at StagePump, over one of the bridges into Manhattan.

See the new Stage Pump version 2018  "Smart Control Stage Pump"

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