What is Fuzzy logic?​

Fuzzy technology is a form of "computer thinking" that enables the computer to, in some areas, to consider things in the same way as humans do. This means that you can use expressions as "hot" and "lukewarm" (those expressions are examples only) in the calculation programs, which normal digital program not can do. The computer does not think, but do something that looks like. When using Fuzzy logic, you get a lightning-fast processing of large computational tasks that certainly can not be done in a clear way using ordinary logic, since such a program would be enormous and require very large computing power.”

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Why Fuzzy logic:

Because the calculation of the optimum set point flow temperature, based on a variety of measurements - outside temperature, - wind speed, - light irradiation, - wind, - circulated water volume (flow) - return water temperature etc. to find the optimal flow temperature set point, and this can Fuzzy do really smart

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