Fuzzy Optimization System for District Heating Plans

​What does the Fuzzy Optimization System

Reduces fuel consumption, reduces losses in district heating pipes, and reduces outlet of CO2 emissions

(through continuously adjusts the main flow temperature from the heating plant, to the current weather and the heating plans total load.)​​


There is not a place where the Fuzzy Optimization System is installed that not have achieved significant savings

​The System's history:

We have continuously for 15 years, in collaboration with user, developed and improved The Fuzzy Optimization system, for automatic calculation of the main temperature out from the heating plant.

Here are some pictures from our latest version of the Fuzzy Optimization System:

​Pressure shocks compensation setup:

Morning load compensation allows the user to increase the calculated temperature set point with a variable value that the user enters, and in a variable time that user also can enter. The function starts when the current outside temperature is less than the entered outdoor temperature at the specified start time. Users decide for themselves, if Morning load compensation, should apply only weekdays, or all days using the button in the middle of image.

The idea of this facility is to store extra heat up in the main pips branches, so that when consumers start using heat, there is extra capacity in the main pipe branches, to take peak times in the morning, this may prevent booting of the standby boilers at peak period . Which may well save production costs.

​Local degree day’s number, by local weather station:

With data stored from the last four financial years and with calculations of deviation from normal years.

Shows the maximum and minimum outside temperature, and the opportunity to see the last 7 days maximum and minimum outside temperature.

Calculates the total production energy in MWh. from the heating plant.

Total logging of the last 31 days averages values:

Average values recorded per day for the following values: Main outlet temperature set point (SP.), Main outlet temperature process value (PV.), Main return temperature process value (PV.) - Current water flow process value (PV.), from heating plant.

As well as day energy production for in MWh. Delivered ex. network and degree-day numbers.

Saving months sum (degree-day figures - MWh.) And means (SP. Flow temp. - PV. Flow temp. - PV. Return temp. - PV. Water Flow) in a separate file.

Data for this monthly file can be seen below:

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