Information about the truck

​All the designee to the 2. Version SMBU. Unit is brand new. There is 100% online support to all electrical components (computer, -PLC, -Inverter), true a private mobile network system.

That means the contractors has 247 online support, should there be any problems they cannot solve themselves.

Software development was smarter, and a lot of service and control features were added to the program, for example service interval that automatically appears when these must be carried out, as seen below here: 

Clicking the "Service" icon to get directly to the service side as see below here:

The service which shall be executed are indicated by red flashing text, when the service is completed the service engineer must acknowledged that, here after a complete service log are stored on the computer

Spare parts are available upon request directly from the computer system, as shown here for example pump parts: ​

Number is selected, and then ordered, the system makes an order list, which is then automatically sent by mail, to our supplier 

Parameter settings can be saved in separate files, which later be re-loaded, so you can easily switch between different setup’s, see below here:

This is just to mention some of the many new features, that are in the 2. Version of SMBU. Unit.

Here is the manual page where all functions can be operated manually: 

And here the Main page, from where to start the automatic mixing process.

From unit no. 5 we made some changes which made it possible to connect an external mobile cooling unit for cooling of the water in the water tank. Because the cold water in the summer time, some places in the US. can be greater than 25 °C .

If you use water that has this high temperature, will the setting time of the material be reduced considerably, which may lead to material hardening in the hoses.

The external cooling system is supplied from the SMBU. Unit, and controlled from our control system, so that it requires no extra connections at all, only the cooling unit neat to be connected, as shown below: ​

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