2. Version Pumptruck

In the year 2010 we started development new hardware designee, and software for the 2. Version on SMBU. Unit, for Pump Truck Industrial LLC. & Laticrete SuperCap.

Version 2 of SMBU. Is based on batch system that means the 2 dry material “Laticrete SuperCap” & “Sand” is weight out separate, and mixed together dry, in a pre-mixer, to the finish product, that hereafter is mixed with water in the Wet-mixer, and pumped direct from street level, to the floor in the building.

(The separate weighing of the material is for getting a consistent mix designee.)​

The first version of the SMBU. Unit was not easy to operate, so that was one of the goals with the new designee, to make it very easy to operate, after a short learning process.

1. Version SMBU. :

Here you see all the operations button’s on the front for the 1. Version of the SMBU.​

2. Version SMBU. :

Here is the operations button’s on the 2. Version, very simple.​

Here under you can see pictures from, the first test with the 2. Version.:


World of Concrete

In January 2012 we was on the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, with no. 2 unit of the new version. The new unit was show on Laticrete SuperCap space where we was winning first price “Most Innovative Product” on the interred show.​

Here is some link’s where:

1. from Laticretesupercap.com

2. from Intertech Flooring in Austin Texas.​

When new development takes a lot of time, was not all the new features completely installed and tested on the first 2 unit.

But from the third unit, all was installed on the delivery.​​

Hereunder is pictures from the third unit, which was delivered in the summer 2012 to Allegheny Contract in Boston 

Latest News’s from the Big 5 Tradeshow in Dubai Nov. 2015:

See the video hereunder (our 9 unit is positioned in this market true Laticrete ME.)​

Also news’s from Allegheny in MA Courthouse.

See video hereunder:​

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