Information about the truck

This SMBU. Unit is the only one in the world that can mix two materials together in a defined ratio, an in a continuous process, to a finish product ready to pump on the floor.

Here you can see "screen dump" from a SMBU. Unit, which was delivered to Pyramid Floors Inc. in the United States.

​Recipe management:

The system has recipe management, which means that the user can create and edit all recipes that are in the system.​

Jobs Report:

The system has a job-report system, which must be filled out, before a job begins. The Job-report is custom designed by the user.

​Quality control:

It also has a report function for quality control. This is also custom designed by the user, as shown here below. ​

​File controlled reports:

Both the jobs report and the quality control report are file controlled, i.e. these reports are stored on the computer and can be transferred to the company's database when the car comes back to from a job.

Printing reports:

Reports can be printed at the customer sight. ​

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