Blander & pumpesystem for small bag

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - overview

  • Mixer and Pump in 2 parts.
    • ​Mixer with 2 man loading platform, for fast feeding and high output.
    • Pump with Control Panel, that cut be split into 3 parts,
      ​1 motor and control panel,
      ​2 pump sink, 3 rotor stator.

  • All parts on big strong wheels.
    ​That for Easy Transport ​In and Out of Buildings, and To ​and From Job Sites

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Mechanical specification pump

15KW SEW Gearmotor

  • With Electrical break
  • Separately Extended cooling fan.

Pump sink capacity

  • 105 l.

High Capacity Putzmeister Rotor Stator

  • 0-250 l/min.
  • 83 l/m at 100 rpm.
  • Pump pressure up to 35 bar.
    It can pump material up, 25-30 floors, depending on the floor height.
  • Grain size 8 mm.

  • Pump can be used without the mixer​
    ​- As a booster pump.

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Mechanical specification mixer

2.2KW Gearmotor

  • With special high output designed mixer shaft

Mixer capacity

  • 30 - 80 l/min. (8-21 gal/min.)
    ​Because for speed regulation on the mixer motor.

Water system

  • Water pump booser, and water preassure regulator and easy water adjustment.

We did and output test, where we mixed 40 bags of 25Kg. In 7 min. and 50 sec. that’s 1,000 kg. (2,205 lb .)​

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Mechanical specification mixer

New accessories

  • Big bag holder feeding system.

Feeding the mixer with big bags

  • Will increase the total output.

Less labor work with feeding materiale to the mixer

Less dut, re. the feeding process.

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Electrical specification 1-2

  • Control Panel power supply.
    ​3x200 220VAC+PE, 60Amps. (US market)
    ​3x400VAC+PE, 63 Amps. (EU market)
    ​Connection plug CEE 3P+PE 63 amp.
    ​Main switch breaker 63 Amp.
    ​15KW Speed controller for pump
    ​2.2 KW Speed controller for mixer

  • With Pushbuttons at front for Pump.​Start/Stop
    ​Speed UP and Down
    ​Reverse direction switch.
  • Emergency Safety Features.
    Emergency switch on pump sink grid cover
    ​Emergency button on front panel.

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Electrical specification 2-2

  • Mixer with Pushbuttons at front.
    ​Speed UP and Down
  • Emergency Safety Features.
    ​Safety switch, so mixer can’t start
    ​when you separate it for cleaning etc.

High Output Mixer and MP1. pump - Control system

  • Intelligent Control System.
    ​Touch Screen with and PLC system handle the whole control system for the pump and the mixer etc.
  • System Parameter adjustable.
    ​System parameter, and many other features as well can be adjusted to the Touch Screen.
  • Online Wi Fi support.
    ​The control system, comes with onboard Wi Fi support system. That means if you have mobile phone coverage, the whole system can be supported online.

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